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At Practics.in, our focus is always you.

We strive for excellence in our work.
What separates us from the crowd is the more holistic approach to marketing and a steadfast focus on customer success.

Who Are We

We are a bunch of enterprising individuals who have come together for a common cause – 

Help businesses make most of the Internet. We do that by utilising our SEO & Content Marketing expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our customers experience their fullest potential online. 

We think a great Content and SEO strategy can go a very long way in achieving it.

Founder's story

Best known always beats the best.

A blogger, techie and a business builder

I was always fascinated by the power of technology. I played multiple roles in the industry in the last 15 years. I got involved in building a new business vertical from scratch in the US where I also saw the power of Marketing at its finest.

With right strategies, our business grew quickly and was soon helping Fortune 500 companies in the US build better technology stack. In 18 months, we were over USD 500K in annual revenue. A tech consulting business like that would be valued at least at a 5X multiple i.e. $2.5 million. We did that from scratch!

This experience also made me realise that “Best known always beats the best”

Post-MBA courage

So after my MBA from IIM Ahmedabad – One of best B-Schools in the world, I decided that it is time to start on my own and help clients in an even bigger way. 

I saw a gap in Content Marketing. There were many SEO and Content marketing agencies but very few handled this powerful marketing as a part of bigger solution to the Business problem. Many take their eyes off the ball. 

They were fighting a price game on who can do it the cheapest. They just did a bunch of mundane marketing activities without thinking about “THE WHY”. Then there was an issue with their professionalism. I don’t need to tell you further. If you have ever worked with a marketing agency, chances are you would know.

Practics.in was born

By this time in my life – I had been a popular blogger, knew technology very well, had built a business in the US. I knew there was a better way. That’s how Practics.in started. 

Practics name was a play on the words “PRACtical analyTICS”. It came from an urge to create a more practical way to do marketing with real analytics. A way where marketing decisions are driven by real data and logic.

Since 2019, we have been helping innumerable clients and it has been a privilege to see them succeed. My team and I are proud of what we have built. We have managed to maintain a culture of honesty, transparency and professionalism – while helping our clients get 2X the results from their marketing efforts.

Go ahead, try us out and see for yourself. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Shyam - Founder, Practics.in

Shyam Govind
Founder-CEO, Practics.in

Our 6-D Process



We always start with a Discovery phase. Understanding and translating Business goals to one North Star marketing metric.



We then define the North Star metric in greater detail. Which marketing activities affect the metric and how.



The next important phase is to design our project and get into details. We divide the activities into each stage of the funnel. We create a way to track progress in each.



Then we let our team weave magic with their expertise. Then the process of execution starts. Each part is carefully implemented.


Data tracking

This is where the changes are deployed for the world to see. We keep measuring the effect of the changes via Analytics. 



Weekly and monthly progress reports backed by data. In case of project closure, a smooth transition to the client is done before we close any project.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on value. We are honest to tell you if you do not need us.

In fact, we believe we say NO more often than any other business in our field. We only say YES! if we feel we can add enough value for you to justify their costs.

We focus on quality over quantity. That is why we spent a lot of time understanding your requirements and boiling it down to a few SMART goals.

SEO and Content is a QUALITY game over QUANTITY.

We know that the only way we can grow is when we help you grow.

And for that, we continue to be obsessed with world-class customer service. You should expect that from us!

We provide direct access to our CEO to all our clients. He actively ensures no issues are left hanging for any of our clients.

One other benefit of spending time to define end goals is that we start off knowing the desired results. We don’t show you the moon unless we can get you the moon. 🙂

This helps immensely in delivering what our customers were looking for and setting expectations right.

Our focus is always your success.

In fact, if we ever feel we cannot deliver the expectations we tell it to our customers. And sometimes, we even help them find the right person for the job.

That’s why our customers trust us.

Numbers tell a story!

Our hardwork has taken us far.

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