An easy way to assess your online reputation

As owners of business, we often worry about our online reputation. A negative online reputation can be disastrous for a business from an SEO perspective. It is extremely difficult to recover from such terrible place and start ranking high again.

We will talk about managing online reputation in a later blog. First, let us learn how to gauge your online reputation. How do we find out if it is good or bad? How do we know how Google views our website’s reputation?

Well, we do not need to go much far to learn that. Google Search Evaluator Guidelines talks about it in details and tells us how they try to assess a website’s reputation. They talk about it in section 2.6.4 of the guidelines.

Assess a website’s online reputation

Step 1: Find the homepage of the website.

In many cases, you could reach a website’s homepage by going to the domain name. In some cases, it may be a sub-domain like

Step 2: Google your reputation

Let’s say you are trying to assess reputation of the website Below is how Google suggests you go about it. If you do not know advanced search tactics in Google search, you can learn about it from our blog here and here.

2.a. Find brand reputation

We start with finding the brand’s reputation. We can do this with a basic search for the brand name.

Search for [ibm] and [“”]. We are basically telling Google to search for the keyword ibm and but DO NOT show results from This would show us all the webpages where the word ibm or is mentioned outside of its own domain.

There is however a catch in this. Many webmasters now pay up different writers to write positive reviews about their websites. So, fake positive reviews by owners and fake negative reviews by competitors are a commonplace now.

So, Google asks its evaluators to focus on content from respectable, trustworthy sources. Look for articles, references, recommendations by experts, and other credible information.

2.b. Find reviews online from reputable sources.

Search for [ibm reviews] and [“” reviews]. This search should give results where or ibm is mentioned with reviews. Look for reputable websites as they are less likely to sell a fake review.

Step 3: Setup Google alerts

Google Alerts lets you know when a new mention occurs of the brand you are tracking. So, whenever google bots detect a new page with your brand mention, it’ll send you an email with the details.

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