How to write great content that brings a ton of traffic

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    Writing highly useful and relevant content is an art and science. There is a method to it but not everyone knows how to write one.

    In this blog, we’ll try to go about formulating a method on how to write great high-quality content that attracts a ton of traffic.

    Step 1: Do your research

    Research on the kind of topics in your that are currently trending in your domain. You can use Google trends or other SEO tools.

    For eg. say you have a finance blog and you wish to write another article on it. You want to know which term do people use more “Finance”, “Money” or “Income”. Google Trends can tell you that.

    Google trends

    You can see from the snapshot above that the red line (i.e. “money”) is generally searched more than other terms. So, using money in your blog will be more cater to more of your readers. Next you would want to know what topics are currently trending in money. Google Trends can tell you that as well.

    This can give you some ideas on which topics could bring you more readers. A point to be noted is that, you need to balance this with the right topics that your core target audience would be interested.

    Step 2: Do Keyword Research

    Once you zero-in on the topic you want to write on, you need to do Keyword research on the topic to know what people are searching for in that particular topic. This will give you ideas. You could use a free tool like to get more ideas. If you have an SEO consultant working with you – they could use a more sophisticated SEO tool and give you more in-depth analysis.

    With this know how, you need to fix one primary keyword, 3-4 secondary keywords and a 3-4 LSI keywords. We’ll talk about how to do this in a later blog.

    Step 3 – Follow an SEO optimized structure

    There are some important things that every content should follow to optimize it for Search Engines. Every SEO consultant/agency will have their own list. Make sure you ask them for it and share it with your content writer.

    Step 4: MOST IMP – Make sure your content adds a ton of value

    No content can rank high if it doesn’t add enough value to the targeted user. This is possibly the most important aspect of any content. Do not ignore it. No amount of SEO can compensate for it.


    If Content is a ship, SEO is the rudder that gives direction to that ship and steer it to the right target audience. team

    Good content is at the core of any SEO success story. This cannot be ignored. It is always value first then money. Once your content starts providing value to the right audience, the audience will get converted to customers.

    – team

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