How Google analyses a webpage – a breakdown

So, we know a Google crawls webpages periodically. But how does Google try to understand any webpage? Is there a method to the process of understanding the quality of a webpage? How does Google understand which webpage is high quality or low quality or spam?

We try to untangle this mystery. So, the Search Evaluator guidelines document that Google publishes contains clues into how Google analyses a webpage.

Let’s start with the basics.

Purpose of a webpage

Google starts with determining the purpose of the webpage. Underlying basis is that every single webpage on the internet has one or more purpose(s) to exist.

Most pages are created to be beneficial to people. Some have a sole purpose to earn money. Some even have an ulterior, harmful purpose.

Put simply, any page with a purpose to help people is Good. The kind of help doesn’t matter. Thus, Google says, an encyclopedia page is not necessarily a higher quality than a humor page.

From Google’s standpoint, type of page does not determine the quality, the purpose of the webpage determines it. So, a cute cat video page, a news article and a currency converter page CAN be of same high quality.

Website often determines page quality

Google suggests that a lot of times a page’s quality has to be determined with respect to the website’s quality. Google also talks about how a website’s quality can be determined.

One of the way Google suggests to look at a website’s About page or FAQs page.

An example shared by Google is of this page:

At first the page looks useless. But on closer inspection, this page and the website asks users to post funny pictures on the internet. And thus, the purpose of this page is humor or artistic expression.

Google DOES NOT consider this as a low quality page.

Takeaway from an SEO perspective

This explanation by Google tells us that just because a page is just a humor page, does not mean it will be considered a low quality page.

The type of content DOES NOT determine its quality, the helpfulness of the content DOES. Thus, from an SEO standpoint, we should focus on content that helps people in some way. That, in our opinion, is the best kind of SEO.

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