Let’s talk SPAM!

Understanding the role of spam


It is a problem almost everyone on internet has faced. There are motivated people all around the globe trying to find shortcut ways to attract your attention. Some have commercial intent, others have malicious intent and some, both.

Black Hat SEO

In fact, one of the unfortunate truths in SEO industry is that many SEO agencies and freelancers still try to sell Black Hat SEO methods. And many naive companies fall into this trap. In most cases, their websites get penalised by Google at some point and it becomes incredibly difficult to get out of that.

Here’s a screenshot from Fiverr when we typed backlinks. Some of them offer 2000-8000 backlinks for $50. It is impossible for a company to know which of these are legitimate and which aren’t. More often than not, they end up hiring the wrong service. (We will talk about how these freelancers get 8000+ backlinks in a different blog. )

We, at Practics.in, never do or recommend any of our clients to do such shady practices. It never pays.

These practices are often clubbed under the term Black Hat SEO. These methods are not some corner case scenarios. They are prominent on the Internet. As an example, 40% of all pages Google crawled in Europe in 2019-20 were spam pages. 40%!

So Google actively updates their algorithm to tackle this menace. Google says, it updates its algorithm on average 6 times per day. And for each change there are about a 1000 experiments that Google tries and doesn’t launch.

It is a constant cat-and-mouse game. Google and the quality of spam has advanced dramatically in the last 2 decades. (We’ll talk about massive changes in Google’s algorithm in the last 20 years in another blog.) But how does Google decide if a change has brought in a better search result? Well, that’s another interesting topic for another blog. Stay tuned! 🙂


Please DO NOT follow spammy practices to increase search rankings or fall for these cheap tricks. Always go to a trustworthy SEO agency or freelancer to handle your SEO. You might otherwise end up making a very costly mistake.

– Practics.in team

At Practics.in, we never do any Black Hat SEO practices. In fact, we look at how to make our clients win in long term even after we finish working with them. We feel that’s a much better way because it builds relationships.

We pride ourselves on being great at what we do, i.e. SEO and Content Mktg. We understand search engines and content well enough to help businesses get the most out of their online presence. We can help you rank high on relevant searches by your potential customers.

Try us. If you are not satisfied with our services, we give a 100% refund for our first month of work together. No questions asked.

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