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Off page SEO
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    In this blog, we try to understand one of the most important methods used by search engines to decide usefulness of a page. It is an incredible method that made Google what it is today.

    The Reference method

    Let’s say we want to validate a candidate who has come for interview in your firm. How would you do it? Well, one of the ways certainly is by asking him/her for references. The reference method is even used by many top Universities to know who is a better candidate.

    The more illustrious the referrer, larger the weight carried by the reference. So, if the President of India is validating your work, it definitely holds weight!

    Page Rank algorithm

    When Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, decided to solve the problem of searching on web – they decided to develop what is now called the Page Rank algorithm.

    Page Rank Algorithm had a simple method of understanding the usefulness of a page. How many pages with high credentials refer to a particular page. It is just the age-old system of References put in the online search concept.

    Google's PageRank paper screenshot.

    Off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO involves SEO-related actions beyond the webpage in focus. These are primarily used to increase the relevance of the website by increasing the links from high-value websites.

    The activities is Off-page SEO for Google Search Engine requires some understanding of how backlinks are viewed by Google algorithms. This is where the concepts of link juice, Do-follow and No-follow links become important.

    Link Juice & Link Quality

    Link Juice is the authority that one website passes onto another website. The way it is done is when a website links back to another website. Google sees it as passing some of its authority to that website.

    For eg., say a New York Times article is linking to one of your blog in their articles. Now NYT will do this only if it finds your blog worthy enough for its readers to see. Google also understands this. So, it knows that since NYT article is pointing to your website – your blog must be useful.

    In Google’s algorithm’s lingo, we say – NYT has passed some link juice to your blog.

    DO-follow vs NO-follow

    Not all links are treated the same.

    – team

    There are two types of backlinks – DO-follow and NO-follow. NO-follow links do not pass on link juice to the other website while DO-follow links are the best possible kind of link you could get.

    How link juice works. Source: Unknown

    So from an Off-page SEO point of view – what you want is basically a DO-follow link from a website of high-value.

    Anchor text conundrum

    Google also looks at how the backlink is done. Every backlink can either be a naked URL or it can be a hyperlink on some text.

    This text over which the hyperlink is created matters in Google’s eyes. If the backlinks are heavily screwed towards one anchor text – Google will find it suspicious and may penalise it.

    Source: Ahrefs

    Black hat SEO

    This is a good point to mention about some of these paid SEO hacks you often find in the dark corners of the internet. People will say they’ll get you X number of backlinks from reputed websites for Y dollars.

    It is a big business out there. We must advise you against buying any such plan. Google is actively working to quash these black hat SEO marketers. And the moment Google realises that some link are paid backlinks – it penalises the sites.

    And ask any SEO expert worth his salt – he’ll tell you really do not want to be penalised by Google. It is very hard to recover from it.


    Off-page SEO is tricky. You need experts to handle it for you. A small mistake can be very costly for your site. You do not want to go that route just to save a few bucks.

    – team

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