On-page SEO 101

On-page SEO 101
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    In this blog we try and explore what is On-page SEO and why it is important in ranking high on Google Search.

    Back to basics – Why SEO?

    The purpose of SEO is to bring more and more relevant traffic to the website organically.

    – Practics.in team

    Most of the organic traffic is brought in when people search for a related info online. Put another way, the intention of SEO is to make sure that our webpages rank #1 in search results for every single relevant query online.

    For this to work, we need to know what matters to Search Engines. How do Search Engines decide which page has the most relevant info for the user?

    One of the most important ways to decide relevance is the content on the pages. But why isn’t that the only criteria? Isn’t it all that matters? Actually no.

    Understanding search intent

    First job of a search engine is to understand the intent behind the search. Because the “relevant” content will depend on the intent of the user’s search.

    Here’s an example:

    Say some person searches for “Tomato” on Google. Now, there are a lot of possibilities what the user wants to know.

    Finding the most useful and accurate content

    Once the Search engine guesses the intent behind the user’s search, it has to know which content is accurate and most useful for him. This is where the search engine try to understand the relevance and accuracy of the content on your webpage.

    On-page SEO

    Optimizing the content on a webpage to rank high on relevant searches is On-page SEO.

    The goal of On-page SEO is to have relevant content for the most popular search queries in our focus area and let the search engine know about it.

    – Practics.in team

    Many ways of On-page optimization

    Before starting to optimize the content, we need to remember that we are only optimizing existing content to make sure search engines understand the kind of content that is on the webpage. Another essential aspect of a good SEO strategy is to find out what content is being searched online and writing that content. We’ll cover that in a separate blog.

    Some of the important ways to optimize content on the website is to make sure that the meta-information is properly updated for the webpage. This is done by ensuring all images have alt-text. The meta information of the web page is filled. The keyword research is done on the topic and the primary/secondary and LSI keywords are inserted at optimum places.

    Old way of Keyword-stuffing

    In older days, when Google algorithm was less smart – people used to trick the Google bot by stuffing the pages full of just keywords that people search. There would be very little relevant info in these webpages.

    Later, Google started identifying these tricks and started penalising websites which would follow such practices.


    On-page SEO is possibly one of the most important aspects of an SEO strategy. A strong on-page SEO can differentiate you from the crowd of competitors and bring relevant leads to your website.

    – Practics.in team

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