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Most people use Google Search in the most simplistic way. But Google search is much more than just a simple search tool.

In this post, we tell you a few incredibly powerful ways to use Google Search. After reading this, you searches are never going to be the same again. You can bookmark this post and keep it for future reference.

1. Upper and lower case do not matter.

Many of you may know this, but Google search is NOT case-sensitive. So you can type “New York Times” or just “new york times”. Both will return the same result. So unless you have an OCD, you need not capitalize your words.

2. Auto-correct

Google has a predictive algorithm that tries to understand what the user is trying to search for. So, minor spellings are auto-corrected by Google and it gives you an option to revert back to your search text, if it was corrected wrongly.

So, you can write an approximate search text and still get the right results. The predictiveness gets better if you are signed in to your Google Account, as it tries to understand it using your past searches and browser history.

3. See Trending searches

Let’s say you want to know what searches are trending in your area. You can just go to and put the cursor in the search box to see the latest trending searches in your area.

4. define operator

Let’s say you want to get the dictionary definition of a word. Just do a search “define <word>”. It will give you a detailed dictionary meaning along with its synonyms and its etymology.

5. A ton of tools

Type in “color picker” on Google search box and you get an interactive color picker on the results page.

Not only that, you get a ton of tools like Metronome, Calculator, coin flip, roll a dice, a tuner, a spinner and so many more!

6. Games on Google

Did you know you could play Pac-man and many other games on Google Search results page? Just search for “Pac-man” on search and choose among a ton of game options in the list.

7. Calculator!

Your Google Search box is also a calculator. You can simply type your query and you will not only get the answer for the computation but also get a full fledged scientific calculator to do further calculations.

8. A unit conversion tool

Google is also a complete unit conversion tool. just type in the conversion you wish to do directly on the search box.

9. Filter results for more accurate results

Search results have a “Tools” option on right. Click on it to filter the search results according to your needs. It is incredibly powerful.

Below screenshots show results in Regular search, News search, Image and Video search.

Bookmark this page to comeback when you need it. Stay tuned for more posts like these on Google Search!

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