[Success Story – WordPress]: How Practics.in changed an IT Company’s market perception

“I know you do SEO mainly, but can you help me with my website? It looks very unprofessional. “, the CEO asked.

“We do WordPress websites as well. Many of our clients are on WordPress and a lot of SEO involves understanding that platform well. So we got some kick-ass WordPress developers. Rest assured, we can help.”, our CEO, Shyam said.

“Yes please. Our existing web design agency made a really bad website and provides no support. They just stopped responding once they got their money.” – the CEO remarked.

“I can assure you Practics.in is different.”, Shyam assured.

“Let me do this for you. Let us update the website on a separate server. It’ll cost you X dollars and if you are not satisfied with our redesign, we’ll give you 100% refund and your original website remains untouched.”

“That would be great!”, the CEO said.

Understanding the problem

A WordPress developer started looking at the issue and soon realised the kind of shabby job the last agency had done. And they had stopped responding. They were also hosting it on their servers, so shutting the site down wasn’t easy either.

Thankfully we had admin access. As the developer looked into the design and site architecture – many glaring issues were revealed, both from WordPress perspective and SEO perspective.

The cost conundrum

We also realised that a simple top-level design change will not give the desired result for our client. Only way was to build it from scratch. But building an entire site from scratch would cost at least 3X the original price Practics.in team had quoted.

How could we do it for 1/3rd the price we normally charge?

– Practics.in team

The Practics.in team got together and started looking at alternatives.

Team discussion

“Can we manage to somehow work with redesigning the existing website? Building a website at that price is not feasible.”, one team member.

Or we just ask the client for more money.“, another said.

“But the client is on a tight budget. He mentioned that multiple times.”, the SEO guy said.

“Let’s go back to the basics. Why do we do what we do?”, Shyam remarked thinking hard.

To help every business be the best online.“, everyone said.

“In that case, will a simple redesign of existing website work?” Shyam asked.

No.” everyone agreed.

“Ok. So, we have two options: ask for more money OR take a loss and build a new website at the first price we quoted.”

“What do you guys think is best for the client? How will he view us if we go back on the price we initially quoted?

How would you feel if you were the client?”

our CEO, Shyam asked everyone.

We knew the answer. Soon enough, we sent this email to the client:


And the team got to work. In a few days, the brand new website was up. Here’s how it changed:


The CEO called Shyam that evening – “Everyone is impressed with the new website, Shyam! Thank you so much.”

2 days later, he calls again –

“We got a Linked lead and he explicitly appreciated our website. We have a chance of getting some work from them. The new website is helping us get better response from leads. I am so glad I approached Practics.in with this problem. You guys really deserved to get the 3X price for this.”

– the CEO of the IT firm

More praise followed from the co-founders.

We are happy when the client is happy. Since then this client has recommended us to many of their contacts and we have collaborated multiple times.

Our philosophy stand true – If our clients are successful, we get successful as well.

This project made us believe in it even more.

– Practics.in team

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