[Success story – SEO]: How Practics.in helped a Blockchain company get noticed!

The problem they came to us with was unique, to say the least. They are a Blockchain company which helps educational institutions and companies give tamper proof degrees to their students. “Hmm interesting!”, we said.

We asked, “How can we help?”

“Well, I pitch to a lot of educational institutions and ed-tech companies. First order of business is to make stellar content to target them.”, the co-founder said.

Our CEO, Shyam turned to his team and said – “Guys, I have an exciting problem to crack.” And all heads went up.

Understanding the problem

He explained about the problem and created a team of SEO experts and content writers who could adapt to solve such niche problem scenarios. He assigned one person to learn everything about the company, the domain and the industry.

He then shared the marketing materials from the company and asked another one of us to do an extensive SEO audit of the website.

Two-pronged approach

We developed a unique two pronged approach to the problem.

  1. Create a plan to improve the site’s SEO.
  2. Focus on creating better marketing materials with extensive keyword research.

The reason for this was simple. The site SEO work will take time to bear fruits. We need to work on it consistently for 5-6 months and the results will start showing. But the work on marketing material can show results much more quickly. In fact, the inputs from the ground during pitch meetings can be used in improving the understanding of the target audience. This would also help in fine-tuning the SEO strategy.


The co-founder was impressed with our extensive analysis. Once he gave a go-ahead, we started the work.

By now, our content writer had got well-versed with the niche industry. She suggested with start with case studies as they would serve a dual purpose of marketing material and site content. Our CEO, Shyam assigned the SEO expert to help the content writer with the keyword research.

The content writer then followed the proprietary Practics.in SEO content checklist to make content an SEO goldmine.

Here’s a sample of one content we made for them along with its SEO analysis:


The CEO was extremely impressed with our work and it helped them get better positive responses in their pitches.

It was the beginning of a long-term engagement with Practics.in.

– Practics.in team

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