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    In this blog, we look at basics of Technical SEO and understand its purpose.

    Technical SEO is a tough topic even for many SEO experts. This is because a good Technical SEO implementation requires an understanding of site architecture and how the internet and Google algorithm works.

    This can be tough for many. Fortunately, we at have a stellar team of techies who happen to be in the field of SEO. These are developers. So they have been doing this for a living.

    How Google Search works?

    At the bare minimum, Google does 3 things to make Search work:

    1. Crawl
    2. Index
    3. Rank

    Let us delve into this in some detail. First thing to understand here is that, Google doesn’t start searching for an information when a user searches for it. It creates an index of the whole internet in advance! Yes, the whole internet. It creates something like a Table of contents of a book. This helps it know what information can be found in which website.

    The way Google creates this index, is by process called crawling. These are basically programmed bots that sift through the pages of every website on the internet. In each crawl it tries to understand the information stored in the web page.

    Once the information is crawled, the information is put on the index which is much easier and faster to retrieve.

    Now when the user searches for something, Google algorithms get to work. It ranks all the relevant information from the index in a way that it thinks will be most useful for that user.

    This video from Google explains the same in a simple way:

    What does Technical SEO entail?

    Technical SEO comprises of steps to ensure Google bots are able to crawl the site properly and get all the relevant information about the pages on the website. This is done in many ways. Let’s look into some of the important ones:

    1. Site architecture

    By site architecture, we mean the hierarchy of pages on the website. The deeper the hierarchy, less efficient the crawl will be. Hence, a flatter hierarchy of pages is better. Typically, anything more than 3-4 levels is considered inefficient.

    Google bots assign something called as a “Crawl budget” to every website. It stops crawling the website once the crawl budget is exhausted.

    If a page is never crawled by the Google bot, it is never indexed and hence never shown in search results.

    – team

    It is really a big deal.



    2. Thin or Duplicate content pages

    If there are many pages on a website that contain very little content or some duplicate content of another web page – Google flags it as not-as-useful information. If you have many pages that have such content, Google may tag your website as less useful and will not show it as often in search results.

    Many SEO tools will help in searching through your website and show you which ones have less information.

    3. Robots.txt

    There may be many pages on a website that you do not want Google to index. For eg. say a login page or some private pages for a limited audience or old archived pages etc.

    There are many situations when you do not want Google to index certain pages. A text file called Robots.txt can help you tell Google about it.


    A solid Technical SEO strategy will involve all aspects to ensure your website is perfectly crawl-able and the Google bots are able to understand the information stored in the web pages.

    Technical SEO is complex but it is one of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. So, make sure you hire a right SEO agency like ours for it.

    – team

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