Things to note before building a WordPress website

Building a wordpress website
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    Building a website for your business is an important step in your journey. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few important things to note before you start building a website for your business.

    Domain name

    Before giving the web development work to any developer, you must secure the domain name for yourself. This is important. Do not outsource buying the domain name to someone else.

    We have had some clients who had earlier let some agency buy the domain for them. When things went south, the agency refused to transfer the domain to their client’s name. And clients usually find it difficult to change domain name once the name is established in the market.

    If you own the domain, changing the agency is easy. Long story short, ALWAYS BUY DOMAIN IN YOUR NAME.

    Popular options to buy domain are: GoDaddy, Google Domains and NameCheap.

    A common myth is that the hosting and domain has to be from the same company. No. This is NOT TRUE. In fact, we would recommend you to not combine the two. Buy domain separately from hosting.


    Hosting services

    The next step towards setting up your website is to get hosting space to host your website. Most agencies will offer some plan along with website development services. Depending on the amount of traffic you expect, it may or may not makes sense for you.

    In most B2B companies, it would make sense as the expected traffic would be less. For B2C, you may want to take custom plans directly from hosting services providers.

    Some of the popular ones are SiteGround, BlueHost, Hostinger etc. If you expect really heavy traffic, then it may make sense for you to take up cloud hosting service providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.


    CMS or custom website

    WordPress is essentially a Content Management System. Almost 30% of world’s internet runs on WordPress. It is extremely customisable and can cater to most needs of a business.

    There are however some scenarios where you may not to go for other kinds of websites. For eg. if you own an e-commerce store, Shopify is often a better choice. Or if you have a very custom needs using certain specific technologies then you may want to invest in a entirely custom-built website.

    In many cases, a WordPress website would serve a businesses requirement. Most of the hosting services I mentioned have WordPress-optimised hosting plans. This helps a lot by taking care of some of common technical settings for optimised performance.

    WordPress Themes and Page Builders

    Because WordPress is a common platform for building websites. There are many WordPress themes and easy-to-use page builders that help you build a nicely designed website within days.

    A popular place to search for good themes is You can also build your own website design by using popular page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder.


    A Content Delivery Network can handle high traffic to your website and prevent many DDoS attack to your website. It also speeds up the page load by efficient caching mechanism. If your website handles a lot of traffic, using a CDN will be a wise choice.

    There are many good CDN offerings. Cloudflare is one of popular options. They have a free plan as well.


    Building a website can get overwhelming. Make sure you have a trusted partner with you in this journey. We can help you in this journey by recommending you the right path while making sure you get the most value for the money you spent.

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