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Basics of an SEO Audit
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    The purpose of an SEO Audit is to understand how optimized a website is, from a search engine’s perspective.

    This blog intends to clarify some essential aspects in an SEO Audit. Because once we understand why we need an SEO Audit, we will be able to perform it better.

    But before we go to SEO Audit, we need to understand what is important for a search engine. One way of knowing that is by thinking about the purpose of a search engine.

    So, what is the purpose of a search engine?

    Understand exactly what the user is searching for and then provide the most useful and accurate information to them instantly.

    – team

    Now, given this understanding – how will your website rank high on search results?

    Simple. In three steps,

    1. Understanding your target audience: Knowing clearly what your target audience wants and what you can provide.
    2. Having useful info in accessible form: Then making sure all the relevant information is available on your website in the easiest accessible form possible.
    3. Optimize your site for search engines to parse: Finally, making sure the search engine understands what information your website has. Telling the search engine you are a useful source of such info.

    Essential aspects of an SEO Audit

    An SEO Audit helps you understand where you website stands from a search engine’s perspective.

    A search engine knows that the user will partly blame it for showing an irrelevant or poor site in search results. The user may switch to a different search engine if he keeps getting a bad experience on websites listed in search results.

    In short, a poor experience of a site in search results affects the search engine as well. So, search engines want only the best and the most optimized results to show in the first page.

    – team

    Now, how do search engines figure that out? Well, the Search Engines do tell us how they decide which websites are more useful for the user than others. Here’s the one for Google Search.

    Here’s a short list of three most important factors:

    1. Page speed

    Think of a time you searched for something. What do you think your reaction would be if a site takes 9 secs to load and give you what you were looking for?

    Chances are, you’ll either press back before the site loads or curse the site for slow loading or do both. But you’ll mostly never click that site link again unless it is the only one that provides you that information. That of course is highly unlikely.

    So, page speed matters a lot for a good user experience. But what’s a good speed? Well, Google has a tool that tells you that. Just put your URL on Google PageSpeed Insights and let it tell you.

    Page Speed analysis via an SEO tool


    Page Speed analysis via an SEO tool

    2. Backlinks

    No site worth its salt is without links to it and from it. Why? Because if your website has useful, relevant information – other sites will link to you. Google says if your content is being linked to by reputed sites, then it must be of high value. So, links matter. Links from reputed websites matter a lot. Likewise, Links from or to spam websites will harm your website’s credibility.

    So in SEO, choose your backlinks carefully. Link to good websites and have enough valuable content to get linked from reputed websites.

    Backlink profile analysis via an SEO tool


    Backlink profile analysis via an SEO tool

    3. SEO optimized content

    Imagine that you created an infographic explaining a highly valuable information succinctly. You then upload the inforgraphic on the website with giving any meta description. The filename is Final_infographic-26thJun.png.

    How do you think Google will know what the infographic is about? Even if it is able to guess that somewhat from the context of the page – Wouldn’t it be better that you tell Google what it is?

    That is what SEO optimized content fixes. It makes sure search engines understand the content in the best way possible.

    Content analysis via an SEO tool


    Content analysis via an SEO tool


    In summary, the intention of an SEO Audit is to understand where your website stands from a search engine’s perspective. An SEO Audit is only the starting point of any SEO project. It helps every stakeholder understand which areas to focus on.

    There is a lot more to an SEO Audit than what we discussed so far, but we hope it has given you some basic understanding of an SEO Audit.

    An extensive SEO Audit forms the bedrock of a successful SEO project.

    – team

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