Understanding Google Search’s mission

Understanding Google Search

As an SEO agency, why is it important for us to understand what Google’s mission is?

Well, for two reasons. One, Google mission explains what their long term goal is when it comes to search. This helps us understand how they think about search and how they would behave when there is a crossroad in ranking search results. This is a crucial advantage for any SEO agency.

Two, this understanding will help us at Practics.in help our clients better. You see when you know how Google Search works, you also know how to help your client better. Google changes its search algorithm 1000s of times a year. And every single change aligns perfectly with its mission. Knowing how Google thinks and plans, can ensure Practics.in’s clients stay ahead of the game.

Ok. So, what is Google’s mission?

Right from the time Google came out of the Stanford lab, their mission has been the same:

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Let’s try to understand each part of their mission:

  1. Organize the
  2. World’s information and make it
  3. Universally accessible and
  4. Useful


There are billions of webpages out there and the first step to deliver quality search result to the user is to sift through the content and arrange it in a way that makes sense to the algorithm.

Now, there are a few things important here. One, Google needs to access all these web pages and understand what’s in them. Google does this through a process they call as Crawling. In this, Google basically sends bots to periodically crawl through the webpages and collect information about it.

It then creates an index of meta-data on the webpage. Kind of like an index of a book. For eg. this particular webpage is a blog, first posted on ________, last updated on ________, has images with meta data _______, the sites that link to this blog are _______ with trustworthiness score of ____, the language used in the page is _____ etc. The bot records hundreds of thousands of such factors. This meta-information helps Google algorithm decide which webpage would be most relevant for the user. This process is what Google calls calls Indexing.

World’s information

Information can be in any form. So, it can be text, audio, video, maps, scanned physical books, images, news items, even Tik-Tok videos.

So although Google started with webpages and textual information, it is much more than that today. Google is actively trying to crawl and index all kinds of information. From a SEO agency perspective, this is very important. It means no form of information can be ignored by a company.

Keyword stuffing in the webpages to try and rank high are not only short-sighted and unethical but are now archaic methods. They do more harm than good.

Universally accessible

It means every one in the world should be able to access and consume that information. A deaf or blind person should be able to search and consume info. A person searching in Tamil should be able to read the search result in Tamil. A use searching on a 5-yr old mobile on a 2g network in Tanzania should be able to get the same information as someone searching on the latest Macbook pro at a cafe in New York.

Understanding this is huge. This means the more “universally accessible” you make your content, the higher the chance of ranking high on Google search results.

In later blogs, we will talk about how should a company think when trying to create content to attract more traffic and generate sales. It is large topic that deserves a separate focus.


Useful means, Google should be able to guess the user’s intent for search, so as to bring him the exact results that he is looking for. This is complex. A user searching for “Pizza” could be looking to order a pizza online or searching for a pizza recipe or just wants to know about the history of pizza.

Google tries its best to give the right search results to every user who searches. So, the search results could be different for every user who searches. And many factors like user’s search history, their location, the time of search, the search trends in the area can determine the results.

How is this information useful for a company trying to rank? Well, this means it is very critical that Google understands, where and to who is your content most relevant. And there are ways to tell Google about it by having the right meta-information.


We will stop here for now. We hope this convinces you on why understanding how Google search works is important for good SEO.

The video here speaks about what we discussed today.

– Practics.in team

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