Understanding a YMYL page

At first glance, you may think YMYL is some distant cousin of HTML. But that would be so wrong!

You see we techies like to create jargons and acronyms all the time. YMYL is one such acronym coming from the Google stable.

YMYL = Your Money or Your Life

According to Google in section 2.3 of Search Evaluator Guidelines document, there are some webpages that affect the user more than others. Google calls it a YMYL page i.e. it affects either your money or your life in some way. And thus measuring its quality very well is very important for Google.

Google starts by explaining which pages are considered YMYL. They define a YMYL page as a webpage that “could potentially impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability or safety”.

Let’s take some examples of such pages:

  1. News on International events, business, politics, science or technology. Say for eg. News on Coronavirus. A fake news on it has the potential to devastate your life.
  2. Civics, government and law. Information on voting, govt. agencies, social services, public institutions etc. Say you are searching for a website to find info on upcoming elections in your area.
  3. Finance and shopping. Info on investments, taxes, loans. Webpages that allow people to make purchases or transfer money online.
  4. Health and safety.
  5. Communities. Information on any particular race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion etc.

Google has very high Page Quality rating standards for these kind of pages.

Takeaway from an SEO perspective

From an SEO standpoint, anyone with a website in these areas have to have very high standards for content creation.

A wrong information, misleading data, unverified claims can easily get penalised by Google.

When Google made this change in Oct 2021, we informed all our clients to reverify their content and helped them create a process for content publishing. The process helped our clients to have adequate checks-and-balances before a content is published.

– Practics.in team

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