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Collecting data for keyword research.

A B2C News website
achieved a 400% traffic jump
in just 45 days!

A news website was struggling to get traffic to its website. They thought they were doing everything right – good content, no fake news, credible and authoritative news writers. But the results were not showing. 

That’s where team came in. Read how we changed their game in just two months!

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SEO results by Practics
Practics case study

A US-based D2C Shopify website
grew 35X in 5 months!

A new Organic skincare brand wanted to establish themselves in the US. US Skincare market is extremely crowded and completely dominated by the big players. Skincare business is also very hard because it takes time for a person to trust a new brand and put it on their face.

It is near impossible for a new skincare brand to get customers.

For us, this is exactly what makes marketing exciting! Read how we changed their game in just 5 months!

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Guide on competition research.

A B2B business increased
their impressions
by 11X to 1.5M in a year!

A B2B business was struggling to grow their online presence and get more people onto their website. They wanted to improve their Brand presence and get more people into the funnel. 

We knew this was a long-term game. Building a B2B brand online, that too in the manufacturing space, is not that easy. But we took up the challenge and how! 

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Practics B2B growth story
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